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I have decided to start using my twitter and I think it would be amazing if people wanted to follow me :D

Ps I'm sorry I havent uploaded anything in a while, I've been a busy bee, and I'd rather upload quality than quantity :heart:

I was recently contacted by ASOS magazine as Illamasqua had come across my passion flower image and had used it for inspiration for their summer beauty edition.
They traced it back to my dA page, and asked for permission to use it in their magazine!

I joing dA 6 years ago, I started doing photography at 16, because I had to do 3 A-Levels, and the smell of the developer chemicals lured me in.  
I really feel like dA has really helped me through the years, and I just want to say thankyou!
Its such a great community, and I really do think amazing things can come from here if you put in the hard work!

So thank you new watchers and old.
You really do mean the world to me :heart:…

Theres a few days left to vote and it really would mean the world if you would take a few seconds to vote if you haven't yet!
Just clicky on the linky and like it on the page.
Pretty pleaseee
I've entered a sugarpill contest on MakeupBee and It would mean so much if people would take the time to vote for me!


All you have to do is like the image, everyone should join MakeupBee anyways cause its an amazing make up community website and its full of super talented make up artists.

All your support keeps me going and means the world!
I have some exciting new to share with you all soon.
Thankyou so much :heart:
Heya everyone, thank you all so much for voting for me :D

Now I have a bit more time on my hands I was wondering if there is anything you would like to see from my work?
Like a specific theme or direction etc

Would mean a lot to hear from you, because you are what keeps me submitting :D

:heart: :heart: :heart:
I am a finalist for the  "Horror vs. Sparkly vs. Candy Lips" contest:

It would a mean a lot to me if you voted for me :D…

:heart: :heart: :heart:
Heya everyone, I really appreciate you all checking out the L'Oréal site, Your Style, Your Studio!

If you havent tried Your style, Your studio out yet you can find it here

One of the styles I submitted to my studio was my go-to hair style for big curls, you can check it out here...…
I used 3 products from the L'Oreal studio line to achieve this look, you can find the products here…
I started by using L'Oreals Studio Line springing curls, curl enhancing mousse. I have tried a lot of mousse products in the past but found they were generally too heavy for my hair so I used the method of applying a small amount of the mousse onto a brush and gently brushing it into wet hair at the roots. You will want to use a detangling comb before you brush through your hair as hair is at its most fragile to breakage when wet. I then blow dried my hair whilst it was flipped over, so that I could achieve volume from the roots. It gives my hair great volume and smoothes out my hair ready for curling.  You may also want to use a heat protection product before using heat on your hair!

I then clipped my hair into large sections and curled them with a 1" barrel curler paying attention to lift the curls to give volume around the crown area. I also specifically curled my fringe/bangs area away from my face to give that 1940s Veronica Lake-esque flip.
Next I flipped my hair over again and sprayed in Studio Line pumping volume Spritz concentrating it at my roots and brushed out the curls with my fingers to create a softer less defined curl. Sometimes I would then back comb my hair around my crown to give even more lift, but it's definitely optional!
Finally I finished the whole style with the Studio line MEGA hairspray just to give that extra final hold and tame any fly aways.
I wore this style to a festival recently using the Studio Line products and my hair stayed looking great and held its style and shine for a long time, even as the curls start to drop it creates a gentle wave.  I think this style would look great on most hair lengths and its quick and easy to do.

Out of the 3 products I would recommend the hairspray the most as I'm a bit of a hairspray addict! It has amazing hold and shine and doesn't leave my hair feeling crispy or overloaded on my fine hair. Definately a new favourite for me!

Have you ever wanted to make a change to your hair, but can't find the inspiration?

I would like to introduce you all to L'Oréal site, Your Style, Your Studio.  It's a look book microsite that enables you to submit and share your own hair style creations for other people to rate as part of a community.

You submit a photo of your hair to the online studio, filling out the information for your style. You are then added to the constantly growing database of unique hairstyles. So if you ever needed to find inspiration for your new look you can find it through the search options. Other members can then rate your styles by commenting and giving "props" so you can then make your way up the leader board for your own hair style. As you all know, I love changing my hair up and I would definitely use this site to find inspiration

The submission is simple; however it is unfortunate that all pictures have to be cropped to a landscape format. I have also found that uploading can take a while to be approved, I can only assume that this is due to L'Oréal individually selecting the appropriate products to achieve your style. It would also be great if they had options for hair colours beyond the natural spectrum, because my lavender blonde is definitely feeling a bit left out!

The site also offers great how-to videos, for guys and girls! They are clear and informative and promote the use of the Studio Line products, and how to use them to get the best outcome.  It also has an informative product area which allows you to find products suitable to achieve your styles, to suit your hair type and define your look. You can find the right products for you by using the various options such as length and texture.
Your Style, Your Studio has great potential to develop as more people share their hair styles and tips on how to create edgy looks and I would definitely use the site in the future as it improves. It has amazing ability to become really interactive as the community expands by submitting their inspired hair creations.

I would love to see you all on there showing off your favourite hair styles you have done!
Anyone got Tumblr?

Follow me :D

I have recently started to produce custom hand painted nails

If you are interested in buying nails similar to ones I have done on here check out my site

Thank you ♥…

Someone let me know that my work had been stolen and used here, I have reported mine.
But with most of these situations if mine has been stolen the others have probably been stolen too.
If anyone recognises any of the other work would you let the other artists know?
We all have to look out for each other ♥
This happened a while ago, but I have been so busy I never found time to get round to showing everyone.
A while back I was approached on dA to sell the rights to one of my images.
The image is now used for the Brand Ultraflesh Mascara.
You can see it here… :)
Its so nice when hard work finally pays off :)
Makes me proud to be part of a website that can open up opportunities!

I joined DA on the 1st of January 2006.
Happy Deviant Art Birthday to me :)
I feel old.
I just want you to know I read all the comments I receive.
I wish I had the time to reply to them all.
If I haven't replied to you, It doesn't mean I don't appreciate it
Because the support I get on here really does mean so much to me :)
How would you guys feel if I started to watermark my work?


There's more stuff up on my ebay, will be putting more on too :)
I randomly just signed on while I was getting my hair done to find I got a Daily Deviation!! It was emotional :)
It means so much to me after all this rubbish with people stealing my work recently!

I can't thank you all personally 'cause DA thinks i'm spamming but THANK YOUUU!

If any of you are interested in recreatng the rose nails in my DD I have a tutorial I made over on my tumblr!… :heart:

Love you all :flirty:…

I can't decide whether people doing awful edits on my pictures bothers me more, or when I can't understand the language on the site where they have used my picture!

gahhhhh :(
Anyone got Tumblr?